Fireman's wedding guard of honour fireman's salute special exit from wedding ceremony.

Rob & Emma’s Wonderful New Forest Wedding Photography at The Minstead Study Centre

I have been terrible at blogging new shoots and weddings as they happen which means I never share any of the great weddings and couples that I photograph! I am trying to get better at sharing some of these and so here is a (fairly large!) selection from across the full day at Emma & Robs wonderful New Forest Wedding. Hopefully they will give you a feel for the flow of the whole day and capture some of the many beautiful and personal moments and details of their day.

Rob & Emma’s wedding day was such a joy to shoot. Firstly because they are a really great and fun couple but second because the reception took place in the very village I grew up in in the heart of the New Forest. Visiting Minstead was like taking a trip down memory lane, and it was great to be a part of such a great wedding day. The wedding day took place at the Minstead Study Centre, an educational outdoor centre that gave us some stunning grounds to take photos in. The reception was in a beautifully decorated vintage marquee and topped with a fantastic barn dance that was incredible fun and gave such a fantastic atmosphere. Anyway. Here’s their wedding from start to finish. I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments at the bottom. All the best to Rob & Emma!

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Central London Proposal Photography in Hyde Park On One Knee Surprise

Gorgeous Proposal Photography in Central London’s Hyde Park

Gorgeous Proposal Photography in Central London’s Hyde Park

So with the transition to the new site I didn’t bring across all the posts… The most popular post on the old blog though was the gorgeous proposal photography in Central London’s Hyde Park with Simon and Jo. This weekend Simon and Jo tie the knot in Cardiff. I am forgoing my usual role of wedding photographer in favour of being Simon’s best man, an amazing privilege and a first for me! Wish me luck!

So anyway, here is the original post from just after they got engaged! Enjoy the photos.

A couple of days ago I had the immense  privilege and joy to be a part of a very special marriage proposal. The couple were Simon and Jo, who I photographed for a couples shoot in and around the west end of Central London earlier this year. Simon had, with the help of some willing friends, laid out a treasure trail of gifts and clues around London in all their special places. Jo has posted up a blog about how it all happened and how she felt.

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The Fabulous Rich & Kit’s Wedding Photography

If you want to see what my wedding photography looks like documenting the whole day then take a flick through Rich and Kits wedding day. Here is a selection of the photos from the day starting with the bridal prep in the morning, with the Church ceremony, arrival at the venue, bride and groom portraits, the wedding breakfast, first dance and party. Enjoy looking through the whole flow of a day and be sure to check out my wedding photography packages or get in touch if you are interested in discussing booking me as your wedding photographer.

Rich and Kit’s wedding was a blast to shoot and I have rarely met two such fun filled people. With the ceremony led by Kit’s Father, it really was a beautiful day topped of with a fantastic party at Hinckley Golf Course.

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Bride and groom portraits on wedding day in old vintage rustic barn. Wedding photography by Luke Aylen Photography.

Rosie & Matt’s Summer Wedding Photography

Check out Rosie and Matt’s Gorgeous wedding day with photography from start till finish.

Iloved shooting this wedding. Rosie’s attention to detail was phenomenal. She put so much effort in making and arranging so many beautiful little details that as a wedding photographer I was in heaven. Along with being just about the nicest couple you could imagine it lead to a fantastic and fun day for the bride and groom, the friends and family and even myself, the photographer.

Rosie and Matt made a good decision to go with an outdoor music festival themed wedding reception as it ended up being the hottest day of the year. It was lovely to see the bride and groom kick back and relax into a long evening of fun and entertainment after the wedding ceremony. I particularly loved Rosie’s summery wedding dress and Matt’s relaxed but smart outfit. It matched their personalities beautifully, as do, I hope, their photos.

Matt and Rosie also left me the lovely testimonial below.

We were both really really impressed with not only Luke’s incredible photos, but his excellent work ethic. We could contact Luke any time and he would responded almost always immediately! Luke is friendly and kind, but not afraid to make sure things get done.

We are so pleased with how well Luke captured our day, and yet he was so un-invasive I barely noticed him! I expected to be bombarded by ‘the photographer’, to feel uncomfortable in order to get ‘the best photos’ but I was able to relax and enjoy the day for all it was meant to be and yet Luke still got all those great photos. Even all those little things – Luke caught on camera. There was no ‘fake’ness, no ‘posing’, just a really natural feeling day.

I would honestly recommend Luke to anyone looking for beautiful, natural and yet professional photos. He is a great guy, easy to talk to and we really knew he was putting us first. Despite the incredible heat on the day, Luke didn’t slack – kept us on track with photos without being pushy, and was just generally upbeat and positive all day (and it was a long day!)

We can’t thank Luke enough for the way he captured our day, exactly how we want to remember it. And we even got our photos back much quicker than expected! Thank you thank you thank you Luke!

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Engagement Shoot with Ollie & Yan

Central London Engagement Shoot with Ollie & Yan

Yesterday I had a wonderful afternoon with a truly gorgeous couple in central London for their engagement shoot. Ollie and Yan will be getting married in August and wanted to have their photos taken around London, a place they both know and love very much. The afternoon was just beautiful! I had been worried that the weather would be similar to last weeks couples shoot  which was absolutely freezing but fortunately the sun decided to show its face making for a very pleasant day.

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London Couple Shoot - Photography in Westminster by Luke Aylen Photography-7

London Couple Shoot – Jo & Simon

Central London Photo shoots for Couples

Simon and Jo joined me in London for a wintery couples portrait session around the covent garden area. After starting with a coffee we went out into the cold and windy february weather and wandered around many of the lovely little streets near Covent Garden whilst chatting and occasionally stopping to take some photos. Jo and Simon were a great couple to photograph and braved the session despite the freezing cold conditions and we have some wonderful results. I have to give them extra kudos for being such a great couple to photograph even in the chilly conditions.

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Merry Go Round South Bank Central London in HDR

London South Bank Photography (HDR)

Here are a few more photos from one of my recent photo wanders in London. You can see some of my other photos from the day at Kings Cross. Most are HDR photos, a photographic technique that merges three photos to give all the details from the highlights, mid-tones and lowlights (sorry, I’m a bit of a geek at times!) The merry-go-round at South Bank with the London Eye in the background is one of my favourites. The man to the left of the fence around the merry-go-round is probably my favourite part of the photo despite being fairly unnoticeable. Check out the other images below…

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Kings Cross St Pancreas Roof Art

Kings Cross

Me-time, Kings Cross and HDR London Photos

Yesterday I decided to go into London for a little ‘me-time’ with my camera. I didn’t really have a plan or set locations to go to but just went for the sake of the trip and with the hope of getting some good London photos. I started out at Kings Cross and I have been quite pleased with the results overall as I work through editing.

The great thing about London is that it is so varied. Just google ‘London photos’ or ‘photography in London’ and you see thousands of different styles and subjects. Although I most enjoy photographing people, since discovering HDR photography early last year, I have always enjoyed photographing architecture. There is something about the curves, edges and details of architecture that really make it an excellent subject for photography. This combined with the HDR technique, which takes multiple pictures to capture more detail, can really create some interesting and striking images.

See the images below…

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