Eastbourne and Sussex Wedding Photographer

My Philosophy of Wedding Photography 

Luke Author Colour

Someone’s wedding photography, for me, is not ‘just another job’. Therefore I try not to be just another vendor. It’s the creation of one of your first family heirlooms. Your wedding day is unique and specific to you, therefore your wedding photography should reflect this too.

Your photos are one of the few things that you will take away from the wedding. My aim is that when you look through your album, 20, 30, 70 years on, the images let you relive it as if it was yesterday.


I strongly believe that the photographer should work around the wedding, not the other way round. I make sure to be as unobtrusive as possible. I know that I have done a good job when couples tell me after the wedding that they barely noticed me throughout much of the day. Even in the times where I need to step up and sort out some of the shots, I try to do this as quickly as possible and without causing a disruption to your day. This, I have found, allows me to really capture your mood and personality naturally as the day unfolds.

If you wanted to ask any questions or chat through the process of the wedding day in regards to your wedding photography then don’t hesitate to get in touch.

If you are planning a wedding in Eastbourne, or live in Sussex or West Kent then I would love to treat you to a coffee and chat through the possibility of being your wedding photographer.

Professional Standards 


 I pride myself on my professional standards. I am a registered member of the Guild of Photographers, which ensures my commitment to a high quality of photography and service. The Guild is very active in making sure its members hold to its high standards allowing any client peace of mind.

I am fully insured and use very respectable suppliers when it comes to products and albums.

I also run a film making company offering corporate videography and music videos. This means I am accustomed to delivering services to the highest quality and in a professional manner.

I strive for complete satisfaction from my clients and have always achieved this. I believe that your wedding photography is about you not me. I would love to talk about any way in which I can accommodate you and am happy to tailer your wedding photography, or portrait shoot to your requirements.

 London Wedding Photographer Registered member of guild of photographers